Knights of the Double Eagle

Knight of the Double Eagle

Award Program

The Double Eagle Awards program recognizes the activities and work of the members of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. It is an outstanding rewarding way to “pay wages, if any be due.” The program as outlined below is developed for the exclusive membership of the Valley of Tampa and may vary from other Consistories throughout the Orient of Florida. To become an active participant and receive points in the Double Eagle Award Program, members of this Consistory need only to sign the Double Eagle Attendance Sheets when attending events and become active in the many facets of involvement with your Consistory. Secretaries of the various bodies of the Consistory, including the local Clubs, Degree Masters, and Committee Chairmen will report your attendance and participation in Unit and Degree activities. Participants may receive credit for individual work and projects by keeping a dated hourly log and forwarding to the Awards Chairman by email or a written report to the Scottish Rite Office.

The Awards are presented annually at the March Consistory Stated Meeting (second Monday) by the S.G.I.G. and includes a knighting ceremony when receiving the initial medallion. Points are accumulative from year to year. It is your choice to participate.

Levels of Recognition are as follows:

500 points (Qualification for Knighting) – Basic medallion with black ribbon
1,000 points – Red hanging bar
1,500 points – White hanging bar
2,000 points – Blue hanging bar
2,500 points – Gold hanging bar

Hanging Bars remain with Medallion on all following ribbon advancements

5,000 points – Red medallion ribbon
7,500 points – White medallion ribbon
10,000 points – Blue medallion ribbon
12,500 points – Narrow Red, White and Blue ribbon
15,000 points –Wide Red, White and Blue medallion ribbon with the double headed eagle pin

Points Received For Activity and Attendance

Officers (all Bodies & Scottish Rite Clubs) = 100
Foundation Trustee & each Meeting = 100
Standing Committee Chairmen (all Bodies) = 100
Standing Committee Member (all Bodies) = 50

Meeting Attendance (monthly):
Consistory, Exec. Committee, Scottish Rite Clubs = 25
Bonus for meeting consisting of SGIG Visitation = 25
Consistory Perfect Attendance bonus for year = 40

Pre-Consistory Meeting Attendance:
Guards, Knights of Saint Andrews, KCCH, Past Masters = 20
Tishri Observance, Youth Night and Special Called meetings = 20

Special Events Attendance:
Installation of Officers, Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal = 25
Flag Day Observance, and Special Events on non-meeting dates = 25
KCCH Investiture and 33° Coronation attendance = 50

Volunteer Work, Growth and Retention:
Events Workers (Horse Show, Flag Day, etc.) = 10 per hour
Consistory Office Volunteers and Building Workers = 10 per hour
Top Line Signer per new candidate = 100
Sponsor new Affiliation; Restore NPD Brother = 75

Consistory Magazine Editor, Email and Webmasters, Jewelry Counter Sales
JROTC Awards and Special Event Chairmen are considered Standing Committees
as Committees above & receive 10 additional points per hour of work reported.

Points for Reunions & Degree Work
(includes Ceremony of Remembrance & Renewal and 33º Coronation Degree Work)
Non-participating Attendance (full day) = 40 (20 for each ½ day)”
Class Director, Director of Work, Assistant Class Directors, Degree Masters = 100
Floor, Stage, Wardrobe, Audio, Lighting Crews (per hour) = 10
Class Registration & Credentials Committees (per hour) = 10
Degree Speaking Parts = 75
Asst. Degree Master & Non-speaking parts = 50
Vocalist, Musicians, Organists (each degree) = 25
Tilers, Light & Sound Tech (each degree) = 25
Degree & Ceremony Practices (each) = 5

For further information or to report point credits contact:
Carl Gilmore 32˚ KCCH
Double Eagle Chairman


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