Scottish Rite Foundation

Ways to Benefit the Scottish Rite Foundation

Every time a purchase is made through the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida will receive one-half of 1% of the purchase made. All of these funds go through our Foundation to the 14 hospitals & clinics we support to help children with learning disabilities.

Then indicate that the charity receiving funds will be:

The Scottish Rite Foundation of FLORIDA. (Must be SRF of FLORIDA)

That is a one time registration. There is no cost to the consumer.


A gift made through your will — a bequest — can help shape
the future of an organization, and it’s free of federal state tax. Many times,
people find that a gift they thought they wouldn’t be able to donate outright
becomes possible after all through a will.


  • A specific bequest transferring specific property.
    If the specified property has been disposed of before death, no claim can be made
    to any other property.
  • A general bequest transferring a stated sum of money. If there’s insufficient cash in the estate, other assets must be sold to meet the amount.
  • A contingent bequest requiring a certain event to
    occur before distribution. You could bequeath funds to an individual provided
    he or she survives you; if not, the funds go the named charitable organization.
  • A residuary bequest transferring the “rest,
    the, and remainder” of the estate, or a percentage of the residue,
    after all other bequests, debts, and taxes have been paid.
  • An unrestricted bequest allowing us to determine the
    wisest and most pressing need of the funds at the time of receipt.
  • A restricted bequest allowing you to specify how the
    funds are to be used. If you have a special purpose or project in mind, it’s
    best to consult us when you make your will to be certain your intent can be
    carried out.
  • An endowed bequest allowing you to restrict the
    principal of your gift so only the investment income that the funds generated can
    be used. Creating an endowment in this manner means that your gift can continue
    giving indefinitely.
  • An honorary or memorial bequest given “in honor
    of” or “in memory of” someone. WE are pleased to honor your
    request and have many ways to grant appropriate recognition.


We hope that you’ll tell us when you have named the
Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida, USA, Inc in your will. We would very much
like the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, your gift will be kept
completely confidential. But at the same time, recognition of your gift can
encourage others to give. Whatever the case, we will honor your wishes, because
we appreciate your support immensely.

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