Living Knights Commander of the Court of Honour

The Supreme Council, at each biennial session, selects certain Masters of the Royal Secret to receive the Rank and Decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour. This honor is bestowed in a Ceremonial of Investiture and is in recognition of outstanding service to the Rite, or in public life to the principles taught in the Degrees. It is not a “half degree” or an assurance of future honors. Knights Commander of the Court of Honour may be identified by their red caps.

NameDate Invested
Ellis Ray Poling 32° KCCH1977
James Brigham Walcott 32° KCCH1979
David Elias Edwards 32° KCCH1985
Max Edward Vance 32° KCCH1985
Buford Thomas Jolly 32° KCCH1987
Norman Maynard Sutherby 32° KCCH1991
Lawrence William Crow Jr. 32° KCCH1993
Richard Conaly Daniel 32° KCCH1993
David Raymond Meade 32° KCCH1993
John Michael Shea 32° KCCH1993
Richard James Cornwell 32° KCCH1995
Ralph Lawrence Fletcher 32° KCCH1995
Frank Mark Dyer III 32° KCCH1997
Gregory Allen Fisher 32° KCCH1997
Walter Edwin Lander 32° KCCH1997
Gary Leland McKnight 32° KCCH1997
John Nelson Peronto 32° KCCH1997
Michael Ellis Woodley 32° KCCH1997
Larry Cleo Alexander 32° KCCH1999
Jim Rogers Armitage 32° KCCH1999
Rance Neal Crabtree 32° KCCH1999
William Bates Garrett Sr. 32° KCCH1999
David Lopez 32° KCCH1999
Jack Paul Rickels 32° KCCH1999
Robert Ernest Atkins 32° KCCH2001
Camilo Anthony Calvo 32° KCCH2001
Thomas Allen Collins 32° KCCH2001
Charles Burchard Curry 32° KCCH2001
Julian Dale Durrance 32° KCCH2001
Donald Wayne Hughes 32° KCCH2001
Terry DeWitt McLaughlin 32° KCCH2001
Curt Willis Perdelwitz 32° KCCH2001
Charles Lee Platt 32° KCCH2001
Chet Allen Tharpe 32° KCCH2001
Calvin Arthur Bonnett 32° KCCH2003
Frederick Henry Heinzman 32° KCCH2003
Thomas Ray Hitchcock 32° KCCH2003
Dennis Edward Jewell 32° KCCH2003
Harold Allen Sale Jr. 32° KCCH2003
John Bockhoff Ellis 32° KCCH2005
David Alan May 32° KCCH2005
Jerome Madison Meguiar 32° KCCH2005
Ronald Lee McMillan 32° KCCH2005
Richard Donald Miller 32° KCCH2005
Louis Elroy Nelsen 32° KCCH2005
Walter Schoepf 32° KCCH2005
William Allen Taylor 32° KCCH2005
William Fredrick Wyllie 32° KCCH2005
James Thorne Blum 32° KCCH2007
Billy Joe Humphreys 32° KCCH2007
Grady Curtis Judd, Jr. 32° KCCH2007
Brian Howlett Manne 32° KCCH2007
Charles Joseph Pesola 32° KCCH2007
David Allen Gee 32° KCCH2007
Terry Lee Armentrout 32° KCCH2009
Tommy Wilson Brown 32° KCCH2009
Frederick Clayton Buss, Jr. 32° KCCH2009
William Walthugh Carter 32° KCCH2009
Haynes Templeton Hendry 32° KCCH2009
Darian Wood Johnson 32° KCCH2009
Scott McAlister 32° KCCH2009
Jerome Edgar Murray 32° KCCH2009
Gary Charles Schweinshaupt 32° KCCH2009
William Clifford Cobb 32° KCCH2011
Robert Dale Davidson 32° KCCH2011
Richard Clay Hollie, Sr 32° KCCH2011
Stanley H. Rakita 32° KCCH2011
John Francis Wermann 32° KCCH2011
Arthur Gary Cavanaugh 32° KCCH2013
Casey Alan Fletcher 32° KCCH2013
William Bates Garrett, Jr. 32° KCCH2013
Dale Duane Goodson 32° KCCH2013
Wallace Eugene Lacey 32° KCCH2013
Norman Franklin Newcomb 32° KCCH2013
Benjamin Joseph Raposa 32° KCCH2013
F. Edward Street 32° KCCH2013
William Andrew Van Dyke III 32° KCCH2013
Theodoor Antoon Vreuls 32° KCCH2013
Brian Douglas Campbell 32° KCCH2015
Richard Stewart Cowan 32° KCCH2015
Joseph Anthony Gonzalez 32° KCCH2015
Andres Lopez Morin 32° KCCH2015
Nick Paull 32° KCCH2015
Michael Roger Pender, Jr. 32° KCCH2015
Jeffrey Michael Pick 32° KCCH2015
Leonard J. Allen Smith 32° KCCH2015
Arthur Paul Woodman 32° KCCH2015
Arthur John Ahrens, III, 32° KCCH2017
Kenneth Aloyasius Carolan, 32° KCCH2017
Robert Jordan Meguiar 32° KCCH2017
Charles Cullen Osborne, 32° KCCH2017
Bryan Grant Pullman, 32° KCCH2017
Derl Brian Smith, 32° KCCH2017
William Carl Sundquist, 32° KCCH2017
Richard Alan Vogt, 32° KCCH2017
Charles Daniel Walter, 32° KCCH2017
John William Westerman, III, 32° KCCH2017
Frank Stuart Albinson, 32° KCCH2019
Herbert Hunter Atwood, 32° KCCH2019
Paul David Barber, 32° KCCH2019
Donald William Cowart, 32° KCCH2019
Charles Ray Jordan, 32° KCCH2019
Robert L. Thomas Phillips, 32° KCCH2019
Alessio Ruggiero, 32° KCCH2019
Steven Jon Silvers, 32° KCCH2019
Jeffrey Morris Snyder, 32° KCCH2019
William Allen Sorbie, 32° KCCH2019
Richard Reed Whitmyer, 32° KCCH2019
Gregory Lamar Wynn, 32° KCCH2019

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