2015 Spring Reunion

282nd Reunion of the
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Tampa Consistory and Co-Ordinate Bodies

2015 Spring Reunion
April 11th and 18th

Memorial Class Honoring

Ill∴ Elwood E. “Gene” Simmons, 33°
Ill∴ William L. Burris, 33°
Ill∴ George F. Crottinger, 33°

Ill∴ Elwood E. “Gene” Simmons, 33°

Ill∴ Elwood E. “Gene” Simmons, 33°


Ill∴ William L. Burris, 33°

Ill∴ William L. Burris, 33°


Ill∴ George F. Crottinger, 33°

Ill∴ George F. Crottinger, 33°

Opening Session Saturday, April 11th, 2015
Registration of Candidates 6:30 AM
Class Assembly 7:00 AM
Instructions to the Class

Opening Ceremony
Presentation of the Flag of the United States of America
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Welcome Address by the Master of Kadosh

282ndReunion Staff

Director of Work

Casey A. Fletcher 32° KCCH<br /> Director of Work

Casey A. Fletcher 32° KCCH
Director of Work


Classroom Directors

Lou Ortt

Louis H. Ortt 33°

Louis H. Ortt 33°; Chairman
John E. Drewett 33°, Assistant
Gerald Lee, 32° KCCH, Assistant
S. Gil Weisman, 32° KCCH, Assistant

The following Reunion Committees operate under the Director of Work

Lights & Sound Effects
Ill∴ Gerald E. Goacher, 33°, Chairman
Ill∴ Kenneth R. James II, 33°
David S. Vincent, 32°
Stanley H. Rakita, 32° KCCH
Gregory L. Wynn, 32°
Ill∴ John M. Bankhead Jr., 33°, Chairman Emeritus

Brian D. Campbell, 32°
Ill∴ M. Dean Lovett, 33°
Gerald E. Goacher, 33°
Joseph R. “Joe” Lucido, 32°

Stage & Properties
Don C. Hawley, 33°, Chairman
Lynn C. Raposa, 32° KCCH, Stage Manager
Benjamin J. Raposa, 32° KCCH, Floor manager
Gerald E. Goacher, 33° Assistant Stage Manager
Ill∴ Joseph D. Coster, 33°, Emeritus
Les Ruggiero, 32°
Charles C. Osborne, 32°

Robert Davidson, 32° KCCH, Chairman
Robert J. Haynes, 32° KCCH, Emeritus

Class Registration
Ill∴ Kenneth D. Balsley, 33°, Chairman
Jeffery W. Gruber, 32°
H. Paul Schweikhart, 32°
L. Edward Villiaume, III, 32°

Wardrobe & Make-Up
Richard G. Hoover, 33°,Chairman
Frederick C. Buss, Jr., 32°, KCCH
Lewis C. Sasser Jr., 32°
Leonard J. A. Smith, 32°
Don H. Harwood, 32°
Ill∴ Ronald S Kalisz, 33°
William C Sundquist, 32°
Richard R. Whitmeyer, 32°

Reunion Tylers
Andres L Morin, 32° Chairman
Ill∴ M. Dean Lovett, 33°
Stephen c. Murphy, 32°

The Hours of Labor

Day one April 11, 2015
Degree Description What Start
Assembly & Opening Ceremonies 7:00 AM
4 Secret Master confer 8:00 AM
5 Perfect Master communicate 9:00 AM
6 Confidential Secretary communicate 9:10 AM
7 Provost & Judge confer 9:20 AM
8 Intendant of the Building communicate 9:50 AM
9 & 10 Elu of the Nine and Fifteen confer 10:00 AM
Break 11:00 AM
11 Elu of the Twelve confer 11:15 AM
lunch 12:15 PM
12 Master Architect communicate 1:00 PM
13 Royal Lodge of Solomon confer 1:10 PM
Break 1:40 PM
14 Perfect Elu confer 1:55 PM
Close Lodge of Perfection & open Chapter of Rose Croix 3:35 PM
15 Kt of East, Sword or Eagle communicate 3:55 PM
16 Prince of Jerusalem communicate 4:05 PM
17 Knight of the East & West communicate 4:15 PM
18 Knight Rose Croix confer 4:25 PM
Close Chapter and announcements 5:55 PM
expected end of day one 6:25 PM
Day two April 18, 2015
Assembly, Election of Officers, open Council of Kadosh 7:30 AM
19 Grand Pontiff communicate 8:00 AM
20 Master of Symbolic Lodge confer 8:10 AM
21 Noahchite or Prussian Kt communicate 9:10 AM
22 Knight Royal Axe/P of Libanus communicate 9:20 AM
23 Chief of the Tabernacle communicate 9:30 AM
24 Prince of Tabernacle communicate 9:40 AM
25 Knight of the Brazen Serpant communicate 9:50 AM
26 Prince of Mercy/Scot’ Trinitarian communicate 10:00 AM
27 Kt of Sun, Prince Adept communicate 10:10 AM
28 Kt Commander of Temple communicate 10:20 AM
Break 10:30 AM
Member and Candidate education session 10:45 AM
29 Scot’ Kt of St. Andrew confer 11:30 AM
lunch 12:30 PM
30 Knight Kadosh confer 1:15 PM
close Council; open Consistory 2:30 PM
31 Inspector-Inquisitor confer 2:45 PM
Break 3:45 PM
32 Master of the Royal Secret confer 4:00 PM
Close Consistory 5:30 PM
Consecration and Closing 5:45 PM
expected end of day two 6:30 PM
Member and Candidate education session
Part I of this session will be a tour through the degrees of the Symbolic Lodge, the Lodge of Perfection and the Council of Kadosh – how these degrees fit together, the larger story they narrate and why they matter to us.
Part II will be an examination of the 15th degree, Knight of the East, of the Sword or of the Eagle.

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