Scottish Rite Bodies


The Consistory Degrees are very different from each other in form and content. The 31° reveals the dynamic relationship that has existed for centuries between human law as a means of achieving justice and divine justice as an ideal. The 32° reviews the degrees of the Lodge of Perfection, the Chapter of Rose Croix and the Council of Kadosh. In it, we learn the very ancient roots of Masonic Truth –
in the East!

“Where Freemasonry flourishes, there will be found the highest type of citizenship and the best standard of living.” – Albert Pike


Petar Sibinkic, 32° – Master of Kadosh

Weldon C. Harrison, 32° – Prior

Jeffrey T. Sklet, 32° – Preceptor

James W. Benjamin, 32° KCCH – Minister of State

James F. Charrette, 32° - Marshal of Ceremonies

John K. Bush, 32° - Expert

Perry D. Batson, 32° - Assistant Expert

Charles A. Wolbert, III, 32° - Captain of the Guard

Scott McAlister, 33° - General Secretary

Michael R. Pender, Jr., 33° - Treasurer

Charles D. Walter, 32° KCCH – Almoner

Richard A. Vogt, 32° KCCH – Prelate

Andres L. Morin, 32° KCCH – Tiler

Stephen C. Murphy, 32° - Associate Tiler


The word “Kadosh” is a Hebrew word meaning Holy. Although Pike identifies the degrees of the Council of Kadosh as chivalric and philosophical, they are all intensely mystical with respect to the lessons conveyed and symbols employed.

“Faith in moral principles, in virtue and in God is as necessary for the guidance of a man as instinct is for the guidance of an animal.”
– Albert Pike


Paul D. Barter, 32° KCCH – Commander

John A. Baldwin, 32° KCCH - 1st Lt. Commander

William C. Klinke, 32° KCCH – 2nd Lt. Commander

Joseph A. Severino, 32° - Chancellor

Gary W. Gordon, 32° - Orator

Richard N. Leger, 32° - Marshal of Ceremonies

V. Kirk Hinote, 32° - Turcopilier

Jack W. Hampton, Jr., 32° KCCH – Draper

Roy A. Chattelle, 32° - First Deacon

Richard D. Burton, Jr., 32° - Second Deacon

Glenn H. Guterman, 32° - Bearer of the Beausant

John H. Eaton, 32° - Bearer of the White Standard

Michael R. Cochran, 32° - Bearer of the Black Standard

John D. Vogt, 32° - Lieutenant of the Guard


The Chapter of Rose Croix attempts to provide the candidate with a deeper understanding of religion, philosophy, ethics, and history through a variety of complex “historical degrees”. The intellectual challenges presented in these degrees are numerous, and at times overwhelming and can take years to master. A thorough reading of the chapters related to them in
Morals and Dogma
and in
Legenda and Readings
is essential to achieve even a basic comprehension of their true meaning.


Paul A. Ippolito, 32° - Wise Master

Robert J. Davis, Jr., 32° - Senior Warden

Donald W. Cowart, 32° KCCH – Junior Warden

Gregory L. Wynn, 32° KCCH – Orator

Michael E. Manning, 32° - Master of Ceremonies

Gary R. Roane, 32° - Expert

Richard C. Brooks, 32° - Assistant Expert

Rusty B. Valle, 32° - Standard Bearer

Jamal J. Redfurn, 32° - Guardian of the Temple


The degrees of the Lodge of Perfection are better known as the “Ineffable Degrees” of Scottish Rite Masonry because their principal purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the ineffable (unspeakable) name of Deity. We provide a brief statement of the moral teachings found within each degree.


Joseph A. Monday, 32° - Venerable Master

Frederick R. Wendling, Jr., 32° KCCH – Senior Warden

Glen B. Bishop, 32° KCCH – Junior Warden

Tommy F. Tyner, 32° KCCH – Orator

Charles R. Bailey, 32° - Master of Ceremonies

Christopher G. Burns, 32° - Assistant Expert

Ryan C. Rindol, 32° - Captain of the Host