2020 Spring Reunion

2020 Spring Reunion

CANCELLED due to COVID-19: The Spring Reunion for 2020 was a one-weekend Reunion. Scheduled on Saturday & Sunday, May 2nd & 3rd, 2020.

Saturday, May 2, 2020 – Day One 

 Saturday, May 2, 2020 – Day One 
 Description StartDegree Comments 
 Assembly – Opening Ceremonies – Open LofP 7:00 AM
 Secret Master 7:15 AM4 confer 
 Member/Class Education 8:07 AM
 Perfect Master 8:37 AM5 communicate 
 Confidential Secretary 8:43 AM6 communicate 
 Provost & Judge 8:49 AM7 confer 
 Intendant of the Building 9:14 AM8 communicate 
 Elu of the Nine and Fifteen 9:20 AM9 & 10 confer 
 Break 10:05 AM
 Elu of the Twelve 10:20 AM11 confer 
 Master Architect 11:05 AM12 communicate 
 Royal Lodge of Solomon 11:11 AM13 communicate 
 Perfect Elu 11:17 AM14 confer 
 Class photo before lunch & lunch 12:30 PM
 Kt of East, Sword or Eagle 1:30 PM15 confer 
 Prince of Jerusalem 2:30 PM16 communicate 
 Reports and Patent Presentations 2:36 PM
 Knight of the East & West 3:06 PM17 confer 
 Break 4:01 PM confer 
 Knight Rose Croix 4:16 PM18 confer 
 close Chapter – announcements 5:41 PM in auditorium 
 scheduled end time 5:56 PM confer 

 Sunday, May 3, 2020 – Day Two  

 Description StartDegree comments 
Open Council – Elect Officers7:00 AM
 Grand Pontiff 7:15 AM19 confer 
 Member/Class Education 7:47 AM
 Master of Symbolic Lodge 8:27 AM20 confer 
 Noahchite or Prussian Kt 9:22 AM21 communicate 
 Knight Royal Axe/P of Libanus 9:28 AM22 communicate 
 Chief of the Tabernacle 9:34 AM23 confer 
 Break 9:56 AM
 Prince of Tabernacle 10:11 AM24 communicate 
 Knight of the Brazen Serpent 10:17 AM25 communicate 
 Prince of Mercy/Scot’ Trinitarian 10:23 AM26 communicate 
 Kt of Sun, Prince Adept in Lodge room 10:29 AM27 confer 
 Break 11:19 AM
 Kt Commander of Temple 11:34 AM28 confer 
 lunch 12:19 PM
 Scot’ Kt of St. Andrew Knighting in Lodge 1:19 PM29 confer 
 Break 2:14 PM
 Knight Kadosh 2:29 PM30 confer 
close Council; open Consistory3:39 PM
 Inspector-Inquisitor 3:54 PM31 confer 
 Break 4:44 PM
 Master of the Royal Secret 4:59 PM32 confer 
Consecration and Closing6:14 PM lodge room 
 scheduled end time 6:44 PM