2023 Valley of Tampa Honourmen announced

2023 Valley of Tampa Honourmen announced

Ill. Richard G. Hoover, SGIG for the Orient of Florida is proud to announce the 2023 Valley of Tampa Honourmen who were elected to either be coronated an Inspector General Honorary and receive the thirty-third degree, and those receiving the rank and title of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor.  These worthy brothers will be honored with their new rank at the 2023 Florida Scottish Rite Honors Weekend in Tampa, Florida on November 10th and 11th, 2023:

Inspectors General Honorary-Elect:

  • Brian D Campbell, 32º KCCH
  • Charles Ray Jordan, 32º KCCH
  • Richard A. Vogt, 32º KCCH

Knight Commanders of the Court of Honor-Elect:

  • Charles Roland Bailey, 32º
  • Perry D. Batson, 32º
  • Robert “Joey” Davis Jr, 32º
  • Douglas W. Dobbs, 32º
  • Andrew S. Gluchov, 32º
  • Reginald J. Guier, 32º
  • Paul A Ippolito, 32º
  • Joseph A. Monday, 32º
  • Petar Sibinkic, 32º
  • Jeffrey T. Sklet, 32º